Beranda Life Skills Non Formal Education for Nation Building

Non Formal Education for Nation Building


Children are light and hope for a society , nation , and state later bring change to the society for the realization of a better life in the future . But now, what happens is we have encountered increasing number of school dropouts and some have not had time to get education . This is clear evidence of the inability of the public and the government to ensure education for the children , which is caused by poverty . If poverty is still maintained without any effort being made to eradicate poverty , illiteracy then the resulting threats and the possibility of dropping out of school for the younger generation the hope of the nation . And young people who are supposed to be intellectuals will be lost .Seeing this, the government seeks to increase educational equity by promoting non-formal education programs ( PLS ) in various areas , particularly in disadvantaged areas . It is intended that school dropouts to return to study in non-formal institutions that have been provided in every area . Non-formal education includes life skills education , early childhood education , youth education , women’s empowerment education , literacy education , vocational education and job training , educational equality , as well as other education aimed to develop the ability of learners . So that the learning outcomes of education in non -formal education organized outside the school works to develop the potential of learners with an emphasis on the mastery of knowledge and functional skills as well as build a sense of personality . Learning is made ??more oriented to the needs of the learners and the learning outcomes they directly benefit both the community and the students themselves .

One of the educational program outside of school is Community Learning Center ( CLC ) . CLC believed to support education , especially children who drop out of school due to being forced to help their parents earn a living . CLC program provided by way of providing alternative education for them through the PackageA , Package B , and Package C , or even through open schools and to supervise properly in order to achieve maximum results in order to reduce the number of school dropouts . PLS is a solution to the problems of society , especially the youth of the nation can not afford to continue school education . And most of these school dropouts tend to have an attitude does not have a high learning motivation , low self-esteem , quickly become discouraged , feel powerless against the pressure that comes from the environment . PLS can be changed so that the existence of the generation of the Indonesian nation toward education and a better personality . So any children who drop out of school can get education should kids his age . So, with non formal educationour nation can to improve the quality of existence and able to participate in the development of motion to prepare for the world of tomorrow better and more prosperous.

Aryati Maulidia Jais

Universitas Negeri Jakarta


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