Beranda Artikel dan Opini Nonformal Education as a Doctor Treat disease and all aspects of society

Nonformal Education as a Doctor Treat disease and all aspects of society




A. Background

Nonformal Education is any organized,systematic, educational activity carried on out side the framework of the formal system to provide selected types of learning to particular subgroups in the population  adults as well as children ( Coombs and Ahmed 1974 :8 ).

Nonformal education is education that addresses all areas outside the formal school system. Not only is a doctor who can treat . Nonformal Education can also treat all walks of life in various aspects in terms of education, social, economic, political, and so on . Up to the task of education is not only done in the field of education, but for all of the various areas of  Nonformal Education areas .

B. Summary of Problems

In writing this paper will explain that Nonformal Education could serve as a ” community doctor ” such as:

1 . Who “Nonformal Education” is?

2 . What the task of Nonformal Education and how the role as ” Doctor Society” ?

3 . Which applies Nonformal Education to his role as ” Doctor Society” ?

C. purpose

The purpose of writing this Paper among others :

1 . Explain and describe the figure of Nonformal Education .

2 . Nonformal Education explain a variety of tasks .

3 . Explaining the role of Nonformal Education  as ” Doctor Society” who participated in developing the nation and the world.

4 . Explaining the various places that can be used Nonformal Education as the embodiment of ” Doctor Society” .



A. Meaning PLS

In education there are three classification of education, first- Formal Education in this study structured and planned and organized the Law on National Education System , the execution is set by the government. Until implementation can not bush . Second, The Informal Education is education that is acquired by accident but highly influential in the formation of attitudes and private person. Education occurs earliest and is usually obtained from a family or community environment or environmental good . Third non-formal education or commonly called the PLS is education outside the formal school system is flexible implementation . So it can be adapted to the learning needs of the students .

Formal education is education that can be said as a ” Doctor ”  profession because if a doctor can treat the patient for a disease , then a Nonformal Education can treat poor people in need of education. As evident from Nonformal Education , all levels of society , rich or poor can better organize educational needs that fit the needs of their own .

Outdoor Education School(Nonformal Education), as one type of education , have a connection with the Education for Life , which both have the same goal , which is to survive and defend their lives, and to improve the quality of life. Education should have a function in relation to education , and in the world to do the job as well as in connection with life . In conjunction with the educational activities of the school , outside the school’s educational function is as a substitution , complement , and supplement . In association with the world of work , nonformal education activities that serve as a bridge into the world of work . And in relation to life , education should serve as a vehicle to survive and expand one’s life.

B. Nonformal Education role as ” Doctor Community “

Nonformal Education  has a very important role in the development of the country and the survival of this . As Nonformal Education must present extraordinary efforts to help the community in obtaining appropriate education to their needs.

As ” Doctor ” who treat patients with physical pain , Nonformal Education can also act as ” Doctor Society” that treat poor people in the acquisition of education and not just in education can be through Nonformal Education , but all sectors are done by Nonformal Education.

Nonformal Education sectors have the task of assisting the Head of Department in the implementation , coordination , build , operate, monitor and evaluate early childhood education in non-formal , educational equality, and Institutional Construction Courses Diklusemas and SKB as UPTD .

To perform as intended , Outdoor Education School Field functions :

a. Formulation of technical policy in the field of early childhood education , the field of Equality, field construction and Institutions and Courses Diklusemas SKB as UPTD .

b . Restructuring plan of work program and budget plan in the field of early childhood education , the field of Equality, and Institutional Construction Courses Diklusemas and SKB as UPTD .

c . Implementation of construction, monitoring , supervision , operation in the field of Early Childhood Education , Education, Equality and field courses and Institutions as well as UPTD SKB .

d . Coordinating the implementation of tasks in the field of early childhood education , the field of Equality, and Institutional Construction Courses Diklusemas and SKB as UPTD .

e . Coordinating and maintenance of early childhood education , Education, Equality, and Institutional Construction Diklusemas course as well as UPTD SKB .

f . Implementation of the provision of technical studies or recommendations allowing and stand and extraction permits non-formal education .

g . Implementation of providing assistance in maintenance cost non-formal education appropriate authority.

h . The implementation of non-formal education test.

i . Implementation and monitoring of the fulfillment of the construction of a national standard of facilities and infrastructure in non-formal education.

j . Construction and facilitating the implementation of nonformal education accreditation .

k . The implementation of supervision and facilitation of early childhood education entities and educational Equality, Courses and Institutions in quality assurance in order fulfillment national standards of education.

l . Implementing and coordinating construction, monitoring , supervision and control implementation of Education Curriculum Unit ( KTSP ) in early childhood education levels , educational equality, education courses and institutions , together with the administrative documents appropriate learning regulations.

m . Implementation evaluation of nonformal education .

n . Implementation fulfillment of learning materials and resources studying early childhood education , education, equality and education courses and institutions .

o . Implementation of construction and development competence of the teaching staff / agent of nonformal education.

p . Implementation compilation , collection, analysis and review of data and maintenance information early childhood education , education, equality and Construction Courses Diklusemas and Institutions .

q . Compilation report estimated realization Field Nonformal Education.

r . Restructuring Program Performance Report Field Nonformal Education.

s . Implementation of other tasks assigned Head of Department for the field work.

C. Nonformal Education Area to Apply His role as ” Doctor Community “

In carrying out its role Nonformal Education has its own areas . As a very vital role in the survival , the PLS has a very wide coverage area that is among other things.

1. CLC ( Community Learning Center )

Community Learning Center ( CLC ) is one component of education that serves to develop non-formal education . With the understanding that formal education is as important as school education , the recognition of the existence of the Community Learning Center ( CLC ) becomes a consequence .


Working or studying together is a process that is supported by a group of members of the group , where there is a dependency with one another to achieve an agreed goal . The classroom is an excellent place to build group skills that you need later on in life .


According to Gomes (1997 : 197 ) , ” Training is any attempt to improve performance in a particular job that was his responsibility . Ideally , training should be designed to achieve the goal – the goal of the organization, which at the same time also realizing the goal – the goal of the individual worker . Training is often regarded as the most common activity and supports the training of leaders for training , the workers will be more skilled and therefore be more productive even benefits – those benefits should be taken into account by the time consumed when workers were trained ” .

Training is one of the efforts in improving the quality of human resources in the hospitality world . Employees , whether new or already working need training because of the demands of the job may change due to changes in the work environment , strategy , and so forth .

4 . mosque committees

Taklim purpose is to foster and develop relationships polite and appropriate or in harmony between man and God , between man and man , between man and the surrounding residence or the environment , in order to increase their devotion to God Almighty .

The general objective is to foster a majlis taklim and develop relationships between manusisa polite and harmonious with God , fellow humans , and the environment in developing communities devoted to God . The specific objectives of mjlis taklim adalh popularize the teachings of Islam .


The concept of life skills education baru.Sebelumnya actually not existing concept of broad- based curriculum which is defined as luas.Tujuannya competency -based curriculum , students may have the expertise needed by the community .

Understanding the real life skills broader than just to support themselves . However , the problem , not just skills , but how to provide education truly independent and able to make a child can take care of himself . However , during the preparation of this curriculum is more oriented disciplines which only emphasizes academic skills , such as physics , chemistry , and biology .

This program is good, but unfortunately it has never disciplines connected with what is happening in real life . Though it was supposed to be life -oriented curriculum . Because the curriculum should be able to give children the skills needed to live .



A. conclusion

Non-formal education is a very important educational role in supporting the progress of a nation , country , or world . So that educational programs need to be improved in order to facilitate the public to get an education . With the creation of easy access to education that will create fond of learning communities . Society likes to learn need ditingkakan as with many people eager to learn the growth of indirect public schools and understand the importance of a nation’s progress toward better .

B. suggestion

As a society we should be good to use as much as possible the area of non-formal education , both within the sector educators and institutions of non-formal education providers .


by, Nailul Maghfiroh
State University of Malang

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